Saturday, February 7, 2009

Dreary Winter Days

The Winter browns and grays leave a lot to the imagination for the beautiful Colorado that I have come to know. However, the dreary days can make it easier to stay inside and intently work on a project.

Right now some beautiful blue mittens have just been completed in crochet. They are soft, warm and fuzzy in a beautiful shade of dark blue. They are in acrylic yarn so that they will dry fast and hold their shape well. These have been adjusted since most mitten patterns are just too short for me!

A few rows added to the mitten box after the increase rows makes them much more comfortable. The thumb needed a few more rows too. I added them till it was a comfortable length. Only then, did I start the decreases since the pattern tapers faster than my thumb.

These mittens have a great cuff created by making a strip to go around my wrist. Only crochet in the back row each time. It creates a great rib. When the proper length is created slip stitch the the ends together. Then, off the edge of the ring, you start working the body of the mitten. I decided I liked the cuff as it was and did not need to change it. Lengthening it would have been easy by adding more stitches to each row.

There is more fiber around. I am not sure what I am going to create next....maybe not even something from the hook.

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