Monday, February 9, 2009

Are You Learning a Skill?

I know that many of you who will read this blog already are a handy bunch when it comes to crafting. I am even willing to bet that you used your skills to create some great gifts for giving last December. But Are you expanding your Arts?

What is it that you have promised yourself that you will learn to do but have yet to take the time? Are there knitting needles and crochet hooks sitting idle? What about that loom you bought, but there has been no time for? When making dinner do you look at the potatoes you cut and dream of the stamps they could become? Did you buy a kit to make a quilt top but have yet to think about it?

Now is the time. There are many tutorials online to choose from. Did you know that there are a large group of U Tube clips that teach individual knitting and crochet stitches? Learn about silk screening or making varnished floor coverings. You know that the your local library has books on step by step methods for cake decorating.

Many specialty shops will welcome you to learn a new skill. Knitting lessons are abundant. A smaller shop will be more apt to lend additional assistance after the classes are over too. I learned everything from braising meats to cake decorating in a kitchen supply store. Many recreational centers offer classes in stained glass art and quilting. County extension offices offer all sorts of classes from photography to gardening. Even the colleges have courses to improve your skills. Many are non-credit, but you just wanted to learn how to throw a pot right?

I need to get going. My neighbor wanted to teach me how to Tat Lace.

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