Wednesday, May 27, 2009

New Stash Projects

As I rearrange my sewing room I am stunned by the number of possibilities of new projects at hand. Some are promises to myself from years ago and some are new inspirations.

I have had an interest in Smocking for years. I even have the machine for it. Who has time to smock baby outfits when there is diapering to do? I have found some wonderful patterns for blouses and nightgowns to smock as well as some Christmas ornament ideas.
Does anyone smock any more?

Quilling was something I did years ago and had lots of fun doing it. I know that there are ways to incorporate it into Scrapbooking. Yes another project.

Embossing velvet, I would love to have Christmas stockings made from hand embossed fabrics, maybe even a mantle cover.

There are no fewer than a 100 quilts I want to make. Yes, I even have the fabric for a lot of them.

Jewelry made from hand painted wooden beads. So many possibilities there.

Then there purses and tote bags to make, and sweaters, scarves, hats and mittens. The fabric calls for clothing, quilts, rugs...and there is embellished frames and boxes.....

I see I need to get going, there are a lot of new projects from my stash of supplies to create!

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