Saturday, March 14, 2009

Bits of Thread and Fabric

I had the privilege today of working on costumes for the performance of Sweeney Todd at Pomona High School, March 25-28, 2009. It gave me pause for thought about this part in the production.

Being a high school play it has limited funds. The imagination of the costume designer fascinates me. Bits and pieces of former shows appeared in the sewing room ready to become the magic of the new production. It was inspiring to see lovely yellow fabric become the breath of springtime that will be in the character of Lucy. Stately lapels of Sweeney's attire were hemmed and pressed to the taste of the title character.

The chorus of town folk have remade acquired pieces that will add to the scenery that was London. Rustic browns, grays and and black will play into the talent of the cast. The young ladies are to be attired in lovely calicoes to brighten their skirts and blouses touched with lace. And all well portrayed with the soot and grime that is London, 1846.

It all comes down to bits of fabric and stitches of thread. A styling of hounds tooth plaids, tweeds and lovely linens and lace. A marvelous accomplishment lead by Heather Croke, Marla Hasler and under the careful guidance of Laurie Klapperich.

Take the opportunity to see these bits of thread. See how so much can be use so wisely to be such an important part of this show. Treat yourself to the wonderful performances of Sweeney Todd at Pomona High School.

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